Friday, March 6, 2015

3 ingredient frozen banana bites.

Did you know frozen bananas taste just like ice cream? They get that same creamy texture with all the sweetness included. It's an amazing thing.

Chocolate chips+peanut butter+bananas are all you need to make these healthier, sweet tooth-satisfying bites that taste like ice cream. Genius, right?



1/4 ish cup chocolate chips (per banana)
Peanut butter

  1. Slice bananas and lay half of them flat on a parchment/wax/silicone covered baking sheet.
  2. Spread about 1 tsp peanut butter on each banana slice (as shown in first photo below).
  3. Top each peanut butter covered slice with the remaining plain banana slices (as shown in second photo below).
  4. Freeze for at least 30 minutes. This will make the next step easier.
  5. When banana bites are frozen, melt chocolate chips as directed on bag label. I used semi sweet but have also used vanilla almond bark with yummy results.
  6. Dip each banana bite halfway in chocolate. Return to baking sheet. Alternatively, you could spoon chocolate over each bite instead of dipping. This may require more chocolate.
  7. Return baking sheet to freezer and freeze until set. I left mine in an hour or two. When set, serve immediately or place banana bites in container and return to freezer. 


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